Monday, November 12, 2007

Miscellaneous Ramblings

let's start the week with Fionski’s funny first witness account in 3 parts (1, 2, 3) about something very chic but ironically escapes, and is even mythical to, most women— The Big O! This may seem out of place in this seemingly serious blog but if I may quote what Joma Sison told TIME Magazine, several years ago, when he was accused of partying while his comrades continue to struggle at the food scarce and malaria infested mountains. He said something like,
“Activists should not be mistaken for people who are always very stiff. Dancing is healthy and activists dancing are certainly better than the military killing activists”
– hehe! Loko talaga tong si Joma, the only dancing photo of him that I can recall was in a 2006 Christmas party, where he had a life changing encounter with Ara Mina’s huge racks.

I saw a frontal photo of him really checking her out. I'll look for it and paste it here.
Sorry, Joma. Like you, I am hilarious at times.

Let me come out with a Joma like quote that is a fitting rationale for that photo,

“Activists checking out female mammary glands is better than the military checking out activists - prior to abduction”.

By the way, I am reminded of the Jonas Burgos case where the preponderance of evidence indicates a military responsibility. May I digress once more to say something about preponderance of evidence, which was last used by national Police Chief Avelino Razon who said, that it indicates a gas accident. Please be careful in giving out press statements. You were the first official to declare the Glorietta blast as a bomb explosion and after a few days, you said, the preponderance of evidence… I like you, Gen Razon. Don’t let careless statements lead your career to perdition. If I recall, Gen Razon has been the chief, in waiting for a very long time now. He was bravely nominated many years before by Gen Aglipay to become his successor but his appointment came very much later.

Going back to Jonas Burgos, may I say that I come from a clan where there are lots of military men. I therefore have a high regard for soldiery as a profession but in this case, may I make this reminder --> respect the “Writ of Amparo”, my mistahs!


Sidney said...

Don't underestimate Sison... I once met the man(in Europe)and you would think he is the sweet grandfather we all wish...
Anyway his colleagues (& bodyguards) are documenting even the smallest encounters on camera... and since his files were taken away by police I am quite sure I ended on a watch list of suspicious persons.
I am quite pissed of since I CLEARLY warned him that I didn't want to be associated with him (or his ideology). I feel abused and he took advantage of my hospitality.
I am sure his partying is done on purpose.

jc smith said...

Geesh! And to think that I've been wanting to get his autograph If I stumble into him in the Netherlands. My friend heard some guys talking in Tagalog at the train station and when he looked, it was Joma and company. He wanted to get his autograph but suddenly became afraid that he might end on the government watch list.

Francesca said...

haha, ingat oi!
ano na ba baleta ke lolo joma, nasa netherlands pa ba?
Nahuli daw kasi and put to trial by humanitarian intl court.

fionski said...

Your post made me realize that you do have a sense of humor (somewhat :p) and Joma is a warm blooded male.

jc smith said...

Fionski: Uy sira ulo din to-its! Si Joma, idol ko yan! Walang kakupas-kupas! hehehe!

jc smith said...

Francesca, Pinakawalan na. Hilaw daw yung mga kaso.

jc smith said...

Francesca, sama sana ako sa nego panel para makapag pa autograph at photo session. Kaya lang, sa lakas ni lolo Joma, una pa akong mamamatay kesa sa kanya


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