Thursday, November 15, 2007

FILMMAKING: The next money maker for the Philippines

With the country's low budgeted films consistently getting positive feedbacks and winning awards in foreign film festivals. The country is about to absorb an influx of investments in the industry.

I have seen a few shoots and I think, it is a good source of employment. Imagine the number of pre-film, on-site, post production personnel that will be given employment. Investments in this industry will certainly be good for the country.

Let's hope that nobody ever bothers the film makers and the location of the shoots. Otherwise, they will be forced to limit their locations to safe areas and in the long term, that will adversely effect the quality of our films. Imagine seeing the same location in every film. This reminds me of Jackie Chan's, Samu Hung's, Yuen Biao's and other Golden Harvest films that showed the same staircase's again ang again-- through the years! Hahaha!

Here's the source of this article.


Sidney said...

Too bad that the "quality" movies (like "Tribu") are hardly showed in mainstream movie houses (SM, Ayala Malls).
Most Pinoy films I saw are some stupid love stories with some pretty actors... :-(

aCey said...

many hollywood actors are coming over, too. :)

jc smith said...

Sidney, in a democracy (and free market, for the matter), the market dictates. It's just too bad that our market wants something really bad.

Just like in politics, we elect those that we want. So in general, we are now getting what we wanted and fully deserved.

jc smith said...

Acey, get the actors. Leave the beautiful actresses to me and Sidney! :D Harharhar!


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