Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trillanes in times of panic

Leaders are supposed to lead and not create misunderstanding, panic and violence. This is most specially true during times of uncertainty.

The good senator Trillianes was quick to accuse the GMA administration as the perpetrator of the Glorietta blasts, barely 4 hours after the explosion. His lawyers followed it up with pronouncements that the jailed senator has evidence to support his declaration. But yesterday, the National Police Chief Razon announced that when they interviewed Trillianes (last Saturday), the Magdalo spokesman admitted that the Friday outburst was only a political statement…. SUSMARYOSEP!

My extreme disappointment at Trillanes is not without basis. The Philippine government spent PhP2 million to send Trillanes to the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) where he was taught a lot about how to become a RESPONSIBLE public SERVANT.

Last Friday's pronouncement was far from being responsible. Tsk tsk.. It sounded a lot more like, sowing disinformation with the intention to create panic, terror and uprising against the government.

Senator Trillanes, have you wasted the people’s investment on you?

You know, fish vendors borrow P5,000 to be used as working capital from the friendly “Bumbay” and pays it back in daily installments (from the profits of their trade). I call the “Bumbays” friendly because they are the only reason why a lot of small entrepreneurs are still alive to this day.

If Trillanes is the kind of output that the Filipino people will get from the 2 million, it would have been a lot better if the money was instead used for microfinance. That way, the money would have fed an additional 400 fish vendors and their families. That is certainly a lot better than using the money to nurture somebody who recklessly blames people without basis.

Trillanes, your only saving grace at this point, is to deny that you made that statement (to Razon) and present solid evidence.

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categorically imperative said...

I heard that none of his professors would really admit to his being a mediocre student.


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