Thursday, October 11, 2007


Our favorite fist seems to be wanting to move to a higher weight category. He seemed to have difficulty going down to 130 lbs during the last bout and had to undergo a crash course in weight reduction, a few days before the fight. I am sure it negatively reduced his punching power, ability to take punches and overall efficiency. In fact, the last time he did such thing, he was knocked down by his opponent.

I also recall an article saying that Pacquiao started his career in the 110 lbs category. In my opinion, moving 20 lbs higher can be dangerous. Firstly, the players there are naturally taller and bigger. They can be expected to have longer arm lengths which can be used to effectively hold an opponent at bay. they can also be expected to be bigger and have better absorption capacity to punches.

But then again, Pacquiao is also said to punch like a middleweight.

These are just some thoughts. I have been "on sight" in in one of his fights but was never up close. I also have not met any of the top fighters in the 135 lbs category to be able to dish out a better analysis.

Good luck, Pacman!

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