Tuesday, October 9, 2007

BRANDING 101: Scrap Ham

I was leisurely walking around one weekend when this product caught my attention. I bought a hundred grams and stuck it in a pandesal. Wow, it tasted good!!! One thing that didn't sit very well with me though, is the product name that they use to market it.

Do you think this brand will sell like hotcakes?

The Italians successfully branded the delicious Salami which according to some friends is also made of "scrap meat" (hog cheeks and the like). A site that teaches Salami making describes the main ingredient as:

"I prefer to use pork shoulder butts when the recipe calls for pork, beef chuck when beef is used. For fat, I prefer to use what is termed pork back fat, which is the fat trimmed of the loin area of the pig; another choice would be "fat bellies."

The Filipinos did very well and made a phenomenon out of the Sisig, which is basically made of the same hog parts (cheeks, ears, etc).


I am not so sure with scrap ham. Will it sell well?

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categorically imperative said...

I think in the US, the stuff that's considered "scrap" is thrown to the dogs, literally.

Not to say we're dogs, or that we eat them canines, which deserves another post, hehe. But hey, to each his own. Us Pinoys love them pork fat in every shape, size and form!

girlfromdipolog said...

there's this sisighouse in philcoa? and this resto posted a feature on sisig's history. it's true that the american GI's in olongapo used to throw the head part of the pig's carcass but then the pinoys would take them home and make it into what is now known as sisig.

pinoys are fond of recycling food. have you heard of pigpie? it's a bakery product made from scraps too.

rhapsody said...

i agree with IMPERATIVE..

scrap in pinoy definition is like 'tira-tira' ..LoL..


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