Friday, October 19, 2007


REMINDER: Updates are being posted as it reaches my "Makati Observatory". Like most on the spot reports, the accuracy is at best spotty. Of course, it pays to be careful and avoid the malls, LRT/MRT terminals and other possible terrorist targets. At this point, it seems to be an accidental explosion but until the investigation is completed, we can't be too sure.

Take care, everyone.

More than 30 photos in Disney's blog.


4TH UPDATE (6:30 PM):
It wasn't the Peking garden Restaurant...
"Witnesses said the blast occurred in a section of the mall with clusters of stores selling baby clothes and toys."

3rd UPDATE: 8 DEAD, 70 hurt--> A blogger who refuses to be identified was at a nearby shop when the explosion occurred. Blogger reports that many were injured.

The National Police (PNP) Chief says, it was likely a bomb.


Three people died and others were injured in an explosion in a Makati City mall Friday afternoon, a Reuters report said.

Police said a liquefied petroleum gas tank exploded inside the Peking Garden Restaurant at the Glorietta 2 around 1:20 p.m.

UPDATE NO 1 (2:20pm): The explosion was apparently caused by a gas (LPG) tank. At least 2 people were injured. Witnesses saw smoke coming out of the Glorietta 3 building. Some people say that the explosion was between Glorietta 1 and 2.


ORIGINAL POST (2 PM):Glorietta 1 bombed! -- Text message from an Ayala based employee. As of now, there are lots of cops in the area.

Nothing from the news at this point. Just a few sentences from ABS-CBN and the Inquirer.

If you find the links very slow in loading, it's because of the huge number of people wanting to read that report. Don't bother. At this point, there is no usable information in those reports. Just a few sentences.

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