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Hopefully, this will be a closing post regarding the unfortunate Desperate Housewives fiasco. Let me start by illustrating how the offended parties feel by quoting what other blogs have to say.

The first is Michelle Markin's, being one of the most read blogs in the world. An American born to Filipino parents, she's often quoted as having not so many nice things to say about the Philippines but she sided with us on this one. True to form, there was sarcasm against Filipinos but in regard to this issue, here's what she wrote:

(Quoting a portion of the ABC apology) “There was no intent to disparage the integrity of any aspect of the medical community in the Philippines.”

" Well, of course there was. They should have stopped before that weasel cop-out."

Neil Kramer, in his usually funny style, narrated how a Pinoy doctor felt,

"I immediately called my family doctor, Dr. Mark Guinoo, a 1985 graduate of Manila Medical School, to hear his reaction. He was stunned.

“When will the negative stereotypes ever end?” he said.

Dr. Guinoo has truly been a lifesaver to me. Last year, during a bout with pnemonia, he prescribed “Dr. Scholl’s Foot Lotion” for me, and three months later I was cured.


The Defamer, in an article tagged as "INSENSITIVITY DEPARTMENT" says,

"We're confident that ABC, an organization that's becoming more painfully aware of the power of poorly executed jokes to hurt each day, will rise to the occasion and go beyond the obligatory apology it's already issued, taking the protestor's suggestion of a donation to heart. Expect the humbled network to issue another press release shortly, announcing a generous, conciliatory gift of $1 million to the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center Dance Center, proving their commitment to promoting the healing power of the performing arts."

I remembered this old post that reminds us of what Filipino medical Professionals are not. Having worked so hard to gain acceptance and acquire a solid reputation as caring people, an attempt to demean them is naturally deemed offensive. A few pages ago, I clearly stated that Filipinos are not as bad as the health worker in the video.

Going back, the ABC network has apologized. And if they are going to accordingly edit that episode, may I ask everyone to put an end to the complaints.

Let's move on, as vigilant as before, knowing fully well that allowing anyone to intentionally disgrace us is something that will become regrettable in the end.

This post ends here. No need to click the "Read More!" link for now. Thanks

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