Wednesday, July 25, 2007

SWINE FLU SCARE: update for today

A few hundred kilograms of unsafe meat, commonly known in the country as "Double Dead", was confiscated in Pasay last night. The arrested suspects were aparently long been under surveillance by the government.

Source: DZMM news.


marie said...

I'm happy they were arrested, they're truly people who posts hazards to health. Btw, thanks for the visit. This is a very informative site. Oh yeah Nolyn Cabahug is a versatile Christian singer.

jc smith said...

There are a lot more of them plying the various public markets. Most of us who but in the big meatshops are spared from this but let us help of countrymen.

Thanks, Marie! I like Nolyn Cabahug's performance in that commercial.See you around the Internet!


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