Tuesday, July 24, 2007


That's really a good idea. A brand new laptop that costs lesser than used (2nd hand models). Countries like the Philippines should immediately try this out. If only bandwidth is not a problem in those public schools...

Read the complete article here.


Dine said...

these laptops, after the test runs, and if found to be durable, usable and at par with the leading brands must be considered by the governments of different countries for their computer requirements and e-learning initiatives.

you would be surprised that bids for laptops, or budgets for that matter by various governments, average about $1,000 for branded ones. sometimes they would last only a year or two, and before everyone knows it, they are already obsolete.

i would not mind buying these $100 laptops for my household, to augment the 3 laptops and 2 desk tops that we have for 6 children who are in school.

jc smith said...

Hi, Sexymom!

The present estimates show that the initial price will be around $175 per laptop. After a certain level in sales volume has been breached, the costs are estimated to go down and the goal of $100/laptop will probably become a reality.


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