Friday, July 27, 2007


I am no fan of GMA. Having said that, may I add that I am not much of a fan of Erap, either!

Gloria claims credit to four projects originated and funded by Erap, Erap complains but forgot to mention that he got the glory for some of FVR's works, FVR gets credit for some of Cory's, etc, etc..

Let me cite a few projects. Erap, in his two years term as President awarded lots of houses (housing projects) to former squatters. He got so much credit for that and even during the heat of the impeachment trial, his followers were using those projects as a proof that he really helps the poor. Here are some points to ponder:
  1. How many years does it take to identify a good project and complete its physical plans (engineering and architectural blueprints)?
  2. After that, how many years does it take to find and allocate funding for those projects?
  3. How long does it take to prequalify the interested bidders?
  4. How long does the contractors need to study the project, prepare the proposal, find the appropriate funding sources, etc, etc?
  5. How long does it take the bidding panel to complete the analysis of the bids submitted?
  6. After the project has been awarded, how long will it take the contractor to clear the land, build the roads and construct the houses?
  7. After completion, how long will it take the government to completed the evaluation of the contractors work?
Having identified some of the major steps, how long do you think it will take the entire process to be completed? Was Erap able to do that within a couple of years? I don't think so. If I remember it correctly, FVR's projects were called "Pabahay 2000" and other variants of that. Erap's housing projects were also named "Pabahay ___" Are those different phases of the same projects?

How about the EDSA's railways (MRT)? FVR started and inaugurated it (even before its completion). Erap inaugurated it again during his term. The train tickets even had his photo in it.

How about FVR? Well, I will give him high credits for the construction of C-5. But let me point out that the designs of those roads were done during the Marcos time or even earlier. I heard that there were even plans for the C-10, completed together with the blueprint of the C-5.

What else? The Philippines had a power crisis as a result of the non operation of the Batan Nuclear Power Plant. The country didn't have enough production facilities to power the needs of the late 80's. It was further worsened with the alleged poor maintenance of some of the existing power plants (there were radio reports about petrol being diluted with water). The power crisis ended early in FVR's term. However, I believe that a lot of the rented power barges and other power relief efforts were started during the Aquino administration.

The list goes on!

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