Tuesday, July 31, 2007

MARK JIMENEZ: Interesting insights regarding solutions for the Philippine Economy

*This is an installment and an update and commentary will be done after I'm done with some chores.
Mark Jimenez, a wealthy Pinoy businessman is featured in today's issue of Business Mirror. I am unable to navigate the site because of errors (I contacted the web hosting company to report the problem-- Let's see).

  1. The government install broadband applications that will automatically record the output (production) of companies. Taxes will be based on production and not on sales.-- Sounds good! He estimates that this will lead to an additional collection of PhP 1.7 trillion in collected taxes.
  2. Internet technology be used to record and collect sales taxes (EVAT).-- There will be no escaping the taxes due to the government
  3. Etc.
Other points and a discussion will be posted within the day.

For the meantime, comments are most welcome!!!!

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