Tuesday, January 20, 2009


It is so amazing how teachers from supposedly elite schools can be sooo stupid. If I am a parent, I would have several times gone to school and called a lot of them stupid and ignorant, right in their faces.

These stupid ones give assignments, that are due for submission the following day, that are so out of this world.
  1. They would ask 6 ~ 7 kids to bring to class, the following day, things are not easily available. Imagine the panic of parents that are due to come home late that day. How can they procure those things that easily?
  2. They would give assignments that no ordinary kid can actually accomplish. Who will do the assignments then? -- The parents, of course!!!
  3. etc, etc..

What kind of values are these teachers teaching then?

Well, let me start by cramming, and having other people do their tasks. All the rest follows.

Stupid teachers, no doubt.

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