Friday, January 16, 2009


Even in the malls, we are not safe. Read this

As a young man, I, several times, got verbally harassed in hair saloons.

Those fags thought that since I was young, they can rain me with their talk of fagotry, sexual innuendos, tease and direct sexual solicitation.

If only they knew that my dad was a professor who taught young officers who are now generals.

Had they known that I was hanging around with people known to associate with known subversives.

Had they known that I myself can slash their throats and feel no remorse. They would have thought otherwise.

Sexual predators come in different forms.

Males looking for females. males looking for girls, males looking young boys and vice versa.

I remember reading a tabloid story about the assasination of a gay talent manager who picked poor attractive women and made lots of money by developing them into porn stars and adult entertainers. I felt no pity when I saw the photo of his lifeless body after being gunned down.

Joma Sison calls these people-- Lumpen! <-- Society's trash.

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myinbox said...

Lumpen nga! Kailangan ng re-education or.. nevermind.


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