Thursday, December 1, 2011

Merry Christmas at the NAIA

In the news, they reported that "Merry Christmas" greetings will be disallowed for airport employees. A few hours however, the Presidential spokesman clarified that they will not enforce such ban.

I don't have much time now but let me tell you that a lot of  "Seasoned" employees at the airport has perfected the "Merry Christmas" scheme. They say it in such a way that makes one feel that it is compulsory for people to give them money. I know this for a fact because I experienced this long before I heard about it over the radio.

I asked an airport employee where the restroom was and when I said my thanks, he replied "Merry Christmas" in a way that made me realize that we was trying to bully me for money. The nerve of that guy. He didn't know that I was travelling with a government official. Had he pressed on, I would have had him fired.

Also please take note that comments about our "worst airport" give emphasis on the culture of corruption that prevails. No amount of architectural works will remove that. The first thing that we should do is privatize the entire operation so that those corrupt government employees can be taken out.

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