Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wang Wang Wang!

It all seems to be quiet in the implementation of the no wang wang policy of the president. I notice that even cops are a bit afraid to indiscriminately use the device. Of course, there is the occasional rotten egg who tries to get away with it. I really hope that they will get caught on television and shamed to high heavens.

But while we Filipinos are trying hard to start behaving, there are foreigners who think so lowly of us and blatantly violate our laws. There is this Korean who was recently caught using his illegal siren at the most major road in the country's capital.
The suspect, identified as Oh Hoon Kwon, was seen by Robredo himself, driving a black Starex van (with license plate PID-916) with a siren on along Edsa highway in Mandaluyong City late Sunday morning.
 His car was confiscated and the guy charged. I hope his face is shown on TV and viewed by everybody who knows him in Korea. I hope that when he eventually gets deported, everybody in that country will tell him how shameful it is to have done it.

I have a Japanese word for you, Oh Hoon Kwon. It starts with a B and ends with an O!

Story Source: INQ

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