Saturday, June 25, 2011

SMARTBRO's: (Slow) Speed

I remember hearing marketing lines that say SmartBro gives out speed as fast as 2Mbps. In my several years of SmartBro experience, I can’t remember having experienced that. I looked up Smartbro’s website and it says that the download speed can go up to 1mbps.

Now, I feel that this website is not updated and that they are now claiming that it is up to 2MBPS.

Anyway, I feel that my internet is unusually slow the past few days that I did a speed test.

The result speaks for itself. My speed is less than 100KBPS.

Now, I know what Smartbro will say. They will make an excuse that 1 or 2 MBPS is their company’s maximum speed. However, if you will ask them what is the guaranteed minimum, they will be unable to answer. I know that for a fact for they have given me such a stupid excuse the past few years.

I really feel that the NTC and the congress should act fast and crack their whips against the great Oligopoly called Smart and Globe.

Bad Information technology is greatly detrimental to the economy and providing poor telecommunication and broadband service is tantamount to economic sabotage.

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