Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Too Low?

While I agree that employers should make sure that they pay equitable wages, I understand that they must also price themselves within competitive levels. Professional managers and business owners are therefore mandated to find a good balance between good wages and proper returns on every peso invested in the business. 

In this country and elsewhere, a lot of business people are heavily infected by intense greed. However, a lot has been written about that topic and I will just write about it at a later time, if I still feel like doing so.  What I would like to write this time is something that is very unpopular. It is about the greed and tyranny of my fellow poor.
Just this afternoon, I listened to radio interviews of union members who cry out against a low wage increase that is being proposed by employers. While I agree that a lot of greedy employers have very high margins, I also know for a fact that for every company making a lot of money, a lot more are bleeding from low margins and high debts.

In the interview, there was a lady who lamented that the P13.50/day wage increase cannot buy sufficient bread for 10 children. In the first place, the P13.50/day is just an increase. It's not their their daily wage. Secondly, I'd like to ask why does she have 10 children? She’s poor, isn’t she?

I am not anywhere near as poor as her but I cannot imagine being able to afford even half that number. My friends, if you cannot afford it, why do it?


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