Sunday, May 8, 2011

Let Them Starve?

There’s this congressman (Rafael Mariano) who, instead of thanking the Aquino administration for giving an immediate 4 billion direct subsidy to the poor and hungry farmers, is even calling it an insult.
He says; “The Aquino government is exploiting the farmers’ situation in order to utilize billions of taxpayers’ money in a corruption-prone rice subsidy program similar to the fertilizer fund scam and conditional cash transfer scheme,” Mariano said.
“It is the height of irony that farmers, the rice producers themselves, are now being targeted by the government’s so-called rice subsidy. Instead of addressing demands for genuine agrarian reform and direct agricultural support to farmers, Aquino further insults the people behind the plow by giving them crumbs,” he said.
Mariano said that such a scheme only exposes the government’s failure to address hunger and poverty and inability to implement genuine reforms.
He said that the free distribution of land to farmers through genuine agrarian reform will directly helpfarmers feed themselves and their family.
It will also unleash the capital in the land that will serve as a strong foundation for the development of the national economy and support national industrialization, he added. (PDI)

OK, let’s call off the subsidy for it is insulting, as the very intelligent congressman calls it. Let us go for the land distribution and continue facing the landlords in court. Let’s see if the president  will be able to do it within his term.  In my estimate, a very determined government can do it in about six years.

For the meantime, let the farmers starve to death. Brilliant, Congressman Rafael Mariano

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