Monday, February 23, 2009

Obama and Philippine Outsourcing

While reading fat burner reviews, I cannot help but feel lucky that I am not as fat as some of the people that I see in the gym. I call that “counting my blessings”. On a serious note, I am glad to see that the young and newly employed graduates from our call center industry are still employed. All these news about Obama discouraging outsourcing to offshore destinations scared a lot of people. I hope that he will fail on that one, if ever he really intends to crack down on this business. Outsourcing has made life a little better for the talent rich but relatively poor countries. Policies aimed at reversing the offshoring trend may seem to be palatable to American voters’ ears but in reality, it is not. Offshoring creates high valued jobs in the US. That is the whole damn truth to it.

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