Saturday, February 14, 2009

Education Officials here and there

Errors are a dime a dozen and near disasters happen all the time.

Even in my office, despite all the precautions that we have installed, disasters always find ways of slipping through.

To me, what matters is how people handle it.

Let us examine the education department.

In the US, whenever errors are committed, officials admit to it and immediately rectifies the mistake. Take for example the story when a student found a misspelling in a state exam that made a question somewhat strange. The examiner alerted his supervisors, who in turn alerted state officials. The education officials were red in embarrassment but they acted fast and rectified the error.

In this country, somebody alerted education officials to huge and scandalous errors in our textbooks. The officials have the temerity to deny FOR YEARS the existence of the mistakes. At this point they have only admitted very minor errors and they claim that there were mistakes in the past because their previous textbooks went through ONLY THREE SCREENINGS.

Three screenings and so many big mistakes still slipped through.

What kind of educators do we have?

You all know the answer to that.

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