Wednesday, April 6, 2011

UP Geologists Found Leak in Magallanes Pipeline

I've known UP President Fred Pascual for more than 10 years now. I used to call him up at his ADB office and have a few bottles of beer with a group of friends about once a month. Now University of the Philippines (UP) Prexy for about a month now, I am surprised to find out fro him (through the Inquirer) that it was geologists from the UP National Institute of Geology (NIGS) that found the source of the great gas pipe leak at the West Tower Condo in Makati. This happened after foreign (and expensive) experts failed to find the problem.

Wow! I know that lots of Filipinos have talent but I've long been afraid that advances in technology has been slow to reach the country and that we are increasingly lagging behind other countries for quite sometime now. The UP NIGS feat shows that at least, there are still highly competitive areas where we can excel against people from richer countries.

Source: Inquirer

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