Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduras, Iran & Manila

In Honduras, the president adamantly pushed for a referendum designed to pave way for his being granted another term of office. The Supreme Court already ruled it illegal but he still pushed for it, anyway. What happened was, the military ousted and exiled the president.

In Iran, the current president is being accused of having cheated his way to another term and the streets have become violent and bloody, as we speak.

In Manila, people have proven to be less violent but the current president was almost toppled after being accused of cheating in the elections. Today, she is being suspected of railroading the amendment of the country's constitution so she can have another term. Will the military follow the Honduras route?

I hope not. Military is plain and simple wrong. The men with rifles are nothing but security guards of this country's borders. They are not in any way supposed to interfere in a political process. The amendment of the constitution, at this point, may be illegal. Nonetheless, it remains to be a political exercise.

What I fear is that, people will probably find such a coup justified and this country will go back to the dogs.

Madame President, please stop this cha cha nonesense, for the good of this country.

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